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Media Policy
The HCSO’s Media Relations Team strives to be responsive and professional, acting in compliance with the Texas Public Information Act and in the best interest of the department, its employees and the people of Harris County.

Routine media inquiries and records requests are handled as expeditiously as possible during normal business hours. You may contact the HCSO Media Relations Office at 713-755-3647 or

After Hours
In the event of significant breaking news outside of regular office hours you may reach the on-call PIO by e-mail at Please be as specific as possible about the incident you are inquiring about by including the type of case -- e.g. homicide, traffic accident -- date, approximate time and the address. The on-call PIO will respond as soon as possible.

The on-call PIO will not provide updated information about previous cases or the status of cases not considered breaking news and will not have information regarding non-fatal car accidents, crimes not resulting in death or critical injury, or routine arrests.

The purpose of the PIO being on call is to address immediate news concerns that cannot be postponed until the following business day.

Please note that for homicides, traffic fatalities, and officer-involved shootings there will be an HCSO representative at the scene to talk to the media once he/she has gathered preliminary information. Please be patient.

Booking Photos (Mug Shots)
Booking photo requests must be made in writing Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please send requests to

Booking photo requests must include the defendant’s name, date of birth (DOB) and/or SPN, and criminal charge associated with the photo you are requesting.

Booking photos for defendants not arrested by the HCSO, and those no longer in custody and that did not result in a criminal conviction, will not be released.

Please send your public information request to Please make sure to include your name, the name of your news organization, and contact information. For more information on the Texas Public Information Act, click here.

Inmate Media Interviews
Inmate on camera interviews, if permitted, will be done within the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

All media requests for interviews (recorded or not) must be made in writing to the HCSO's Media Relations Office. Send requests to

Interview requests should include inmate name, Date of Birth (DOB) and/or SPN. Request for interviews must be accompanied by a signed letter on letterhead stationery from the defendant's attorney of record in the criminal proceedings, reflecting the attorney's approval of the interview request. The letter must state that the judge having jurisdiction over the criminal proceeding has been informed of the interview request.

Any inmate to be interviewed must first grant his/her written consent to the HCSO.

The HCSO will consider all interview requests but reserves the right to deny requests for any reason.

Any media representative who conducts an interview within the boundaries of the institution will be asked to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and will be subjected to the same security measures as visitors, including but not limited to searches of his/her person or property.

Action Center
Select02/06/201613500 US 90
Select02/05/201612600 Beamer Road
Select01/31/20166100 block Thompson Road
Select01/26/2016938 Aldine Bender Rd.
Select01/24/20163400 T C Jester
Select01/18/20162200 W Mount Houston
Select01/17/201621900 Clay Road
Select01/13/20168900 Garth Rd.
Select01/11/201615000 US Hwy 90
Select01/10/201614300 East Freeway Service Road
Select12/31/201510900 W FM 1960
Select12/28/201521200 FM 2920
Select12/27/20159700 FM 2920
Select12/21/20154900 Katy Hockley Cutoff Road
Select12/11/2015800 Indian Shores
Select12/11/201526000 ALDINE WESTFIELD
Select12/07/201527000 FM 529
Select12/05/20155400 Sjolander
Select12/04/20157100 S. LAKE HOUSTON PKWY
Select12/03/201521800 Ramsey Rd
Select11/27/20157400 Fairbanks N. Houston Road
Select11/25/20153209 Hopper Rd.
Select11/19/201529100 US 290
Select11/15/2015200 S Main St (Highlands,Tx)
Select11/14/2015100 Greenhouse Rd
Select11/11/201522300 North Freeway northbound service road
Select11/10/20156500 N. Main Street
Select11/09/201510300 Lou Edd Road
Select11/01/201510600 Spring Cypress
Select10/30/201516900 North Freeway
Select10/29/201515800 I-45 South bound
Select10/29/201511500 Katy Hockley Rd
Select10/27/201523800 Barstow St, Spring, Tx 77389
Select10/26/2015E. FM 1960 @ Moonshine Hill Loop Rd.
Select10/26/201514800 SH 249
Select10/22/20152800 LAUDER RD
Select10/16/20151900 Sheldon Road
Select10/13/20155800 State Highway 6 North
Select10/12/201512000 Veterans Memorial Drive
Select10/11/20157000 State Highway 99
Select10/06/201524400 Katy FW
Select09/27/201523800 Clay Rd
Select09/20/201513100 FM 529
Select09/19/20159300 John Ralston Road
Select09/18/2015Spring Cypress Road/Chaseloch Street
Select09/11/201512300 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Select09/08/201520000 S.H. 249
Select09/06/201537200 Hempstead Rd
Select09/05/20153700 S Brentchase Cr
Select09/03/201510300 Veterans Memorial
Select09/02/20153500 N Sam Houston Pkwy
Select09/01/20154300 N SH 6
Select08/30/201513500 IH45 North Freeway
Select08/28/20152400 Spring Stuebner Road
Select08/28/201514000 North Freeway
Select08/27/201519100 Northwest Freeway
Select08/24/201511900 Silver Island Cr
Select08/24/20158200 Sheldon Road
Select08/24/20159500 W Little York Rd
Select08/23/201537000 U.S. 290 (Outbound)
Select08/21/201515800 State Highway 249
Select08/16/20152800 Spears Road
Select08/16/20152600 W FM 1960
Select08/16/201514800 Almeda Rd
Select08/14/201516200 West Little York Road
Select08/14/20159500 Airline Drive
Select08/12/201513600 Beamer Rd
Select08/10/201524000 U.S. 290 Service Road (outbound)
Select08/06/201519600 Tomball Parkway
Select08/02/201518100 Kermier Rd
Select07/31/20152600 FM 2920
Select07/30/20155900 MT HOUSTON RD
Select07/27/201514000 F.M. 2100
Select07/22/201519500 Dallas Road Crosby Texas
Select07/22/201511800 East Sam Houston Parkway North
Select07/20/201514000 N Lake Houston Pkwy
Select07/20/201515225 Ella Blvd
Select07/18/20159600 Windfern Road
Select07/16/201515800 Ella Boulevard
Select07/08/20156800 S. Lake Houston Pkwy
Select07/06/20151600 Gears Road
Select07/04/201514000 Almeda Road
Select07/01/201522000 Field Store Rd
Select06/28/201511600 West Montgomery
Select06/25/20159500 W FM 1960
Select06/21/20156200 Fry Road
Select06/20/20152500 W. Mount Houston Rd
Select06/19/201513300 Wallisville Road
Select06/15/2015900 Mitchell Road
Select05/23/201515100 US 90
Select05/23/201520000 Interstate 45 (North Freeway)
Select05/23/201535800 Hempstead Road
Select05/15/20157900 SH 99N
Select05/13/201516800 Telge Road
Select05/11/201518000 Clay Road
Select05/11/20154100 N. Fry Rd
Select05/05/201521400 Aldine Westfield Rd
Select05/03/20154900 E. FM 1960
Select04/28/20152000 Jackson St.
Select04/24/2015200 FM 1960 EAST
Select04/23/20159900 Antoine
Select04/18/201513700 Spring Cypress Rd
Select04/14/201516600 North Frwy
Select04/13/201516800 East Freeway
Select04/12/20151500 Gears Rd
Select04/10/20156600 US Highway 90
Select04/01/201515700 East Freeway
Select03/30/201511400 W. Little York Rd.
Select03/29/2015Greenhouse Rd. and Cypress Bay Dr.
Select03/25/20155900 Nueces Ln
Select03/24/20158500 SH 6 SOUTH
Select03/23/201511201 Veterans Memorial Dr.
Select03/18/201517400 Cali Drive
Select03/18/201514500 Boudreaux Rd.
Select03/16/201512900 Crosby Freeway
Select03/14/201515000 US 290
Select03/10/20151900 Gears Rd
Select03/10/20159700 Veterans Memorial
Select03/09/20151100 Freeport
Select03/09/201513700 SH 249
Select03/07/20156900 E. Mount Houston
Select03/06/2015600 Voss Rd
Select03/02/20152700 Spears Rd
Select03/01/20157900 Block FM 1960
Select02/28/201513400 U.S. Hwy 90 (Beaumont Hwy)
Select02/28/2015Fry Rd and Tealbrook Dr
Select02/26/201522400 Cove Hollow
Select02/22/201513000 Veterans Memorial Drive
Select02/21/201520500 Aldine Westfield Road
Select02/16/20152700 FM 1960
Select02/06/201512500 State Highway 249
Select02/06/20152200 Bertrand St
Select01/24/20159400 E Sam Houston Parkway N
Select01/23/2015Greenhous Rd / Saums Rd
Select01/22/201513600 Beechnut Street
Select01/19/2015500 E Cypresswood Dr
Select01/18/20153200 Federal Road
Select01/16/201514600 Ella Blvd.
Select01/16/201519200 Beaumont Highway
Select01/13/201520400 Interstate 45 North
Select01/10/20159200 Airline Dr
Select01/04/201526400 FM 2100
Select12/30/20147000 E. Sam Houston Pkwy Feeder Rd.
Select12/28/201415500 FM 529
Select12/25/2014Cromwell Street/Shady Lane
Select12/24/20148000 Furay Rd.
Select12/24/201415900 Smithstone Dr
Select12/19/201415955 FM 529
Select12/14/20142200 FM 1960
Select12/12/20148800 East Sam Houston Parkway North
Select12/12/201423000 Interstate 45 North (North FWY)
Select12/03/201417900 I-45
Select12/01/20147300 FM 1960
Select11/30/201439200 Northwest Freeway
Select11/28/2014500 Aldine Mail Road
Select11/24/201410600 Airline Drive
Select11/22/201415934 East Freeway
Select11/18/20145800 Louetta Road
Select11/07/201420400 IMPERIAL VALLEY
Select11/05/201411100 W Little York Rd
Select11/05/20142300 Atascocita Rd
Select10/29/20142300 E Wallisville Rd
Select10/28/20148000 N. S.H. 6
Select10/27/20143000 Fry Rd
Select10/26/20149800 FM 2920
Select10/25/2014Bammel N Houston @ N Sam Houston Pkwy
Select10/24/201415900 Yorktown Crossing Parkway
Select10/18/2014Aldine Mail Route Rd @ Fall Meadow Ln
Select10/18/201421700 US 290 Eastbound Frontage Rd.
Select10/15/201415400 East Freeway
Select10/13/201436000 FM 2100
Select10/11/20149700 Sheldon Rd
Select10/10/201415300 Clay Road
Select10/09/20142300 W Mount Houston
Select10/07/2014300 Gulf Bank
Select10/06/20144600 Treaschwig Road
Select10/05/201416100 East Freeway Westbound Main Lanes
Select10/02/20143700 West FM 1960
Select09/27/20144100 Little York Rd
Select09/27/201415500 EAST FW
Select09/26/201413600 SH 249
Select09/22/201423500 Clay Road
Select09/20/201411700 Steepleway
Select09/19/201412622 Maxwell Rd.
Select09/14/201421900 US Hwy 290
Select09/09/201411400 Seven Mile Ln.
Select09/06/201410300 North Freeway
Select09/05/201410200 Veterans Memorial Drive
Select08/31/201413000 Grant Road
Select08/25/20145200 Louetta Road
Select08/22/201411400 Will Clayton
Select08/20/201420600 Morton Rd
Select08/19/20144200 E FM 1960
Select08/13/201415600 John F Kennedy Blvd
Select08/09/20146200 East Sam Houston Parkway North
Select08/09/201417600 East Freeway
Select08/06/201419800 US Hwy 90
Select08/03/201418900 W. Little York Rd
Select07/31/201413500 HOMESTEAD RD
Select07/28/201416700 FM 1093
Select07/25/2014400 S Sam Houston Parkway E
Select07/21/201416000 Westheimer
Select07/21/201413100 Eastex Freeway
Select07/20/20143200 Barbers Hill Rd
Select07/20/20143900 Pine Forest Greens Boulevard
Select07/15/201418300 Hopfe Rd.
Select07/05/20142200 Sheldon Road
Select07/05/201429000 FM 2920
Select07/04/201410900 W Compaq Center Drive
Select06/30/201410100 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E.
Select06/26/2014Barren Springs Drive/IH45
Select06/23/20142700 Spears Road
Select06/23/20148400 Synott
Select06/15/201416100 SH 249
Select06/09/201416100 East Freeway
Select06/07/201424200 US 290
Select06/01/2014700 Aldine Mail Rd
Select05/31/201414900 Stuebner Airline Road
Select05/25/201415000 SH 249
Select05/25/201416200 De Zavalla
Select05/24/201420800 Morton Road
Select05/19/201413700 SH 249
Select05/19/20143500 Anderson Rd
Select05/18/20147500 E. Wallisville RD
Select05/17/201414000 E Sam Houston PW N
Select05/16/201424900 FM 2978
Select05/14/2014500 SH 99
Select05/12/201414300 Cypress N Houston
Select05/11/20147600 E. Mount Houston Road
Select05/08/201411800 Varnell
Select05/04/201414000 Eastex Freeway
Select04/30/201416600 Market St
Select04/30/20141400 Farrell Rd
Select04/25/201414100 US Hwy 90
Select04/22/201415000 Beaumont Highway
Select04/22/201413300 US 90
Select04/19/20144200 US 90
Select04/19/20147700 Furay Rd.
Select04/18/201413000 Huffmeister Rd
Select04/13/20141400 N Sam Houston Pkwy W
Select04/13/201421800 North Freeway
Select04/09/201414500 Tomball Pkwy
Select04/08/201425000 Highway 290
Select04/07/20142600 W Mount Houston Road
Select04/03/20147000 Sheldon Rd
Select04/03/20142000 N. Main Street (Galena Park)
Select03/29/201414300 North Freeway
Select03/24/20149900 Spring Cypress Rd
Select03/23/201417200 Kuykendahl Road
Select03/21/201418600 FM 529
Select03/16/201430600 US 290
Select03/14/201414100 East Freeway
Select03/11/20148800 Telge Rd.
Select03/09/20147400 FM 1960 East
Select03/06/201415500 Kuykendahl Road
Select03/01/201414000 Stuebner Airline
Select02/23/201423940 Franz Rd.
Select02/23/20145900 N State Highway 6
Select02/15/20147800 S SH 6
Select02/14/201411600 Sheridan Road
Select02/14/20142500 E. Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Road
Select02/10/20145500 Barker Cypress Rd.
Select02/07/201412900 W FM 1960
Select02/06/201416200 Ella Blvd
Select01/26/201415700 Glen Chase Drive
Select01/23/201416200 Cypress Rosehill Drive
Select01/19/201417350 North Freeway
Select01/19/20145600 E. Sam Houston Pkwy
Select01/18/2014700 Big Deer Drive, Crosby, Tx 77532 - UPDATE
Select01/16/20141000 Interstate 10 East
Select01/16/20142100 Aldine Bender
Select01/15/201418300 Champion Forest Drive
Select01/15/201411500 W. Little York Road
Select01/13/201416300 Kitzman Rd.
Select01/10/201410500 Barker Cypress Road
Select01/08/201420900 Park Row
Select01/02/201421400 FM 529
Select01/02/201414400 Almeda Rd
Select01/02/201414600 US 90
Select01/02/201415200 Woodforest-UPDATE
Select12/25/201314300 State Highway 249
Select12/22/20131400 W FM 1960
Select12/22/201316300 Ella Blvd
Select12/18/201320600 Hufsmith Khorville Rd.
Select12/18/20135000 N SH 6
Select12/16/201311100 Bammel N. Houston Rd
Select12/08/20134400 FM 1960 East
Select12/06/2013Miller Rd. No. 2/Miller Rd. No. 1
Select11/28/201312200 FM 529
Select11/28/201319400 Northwest Freeway
Select11/26/201311600 Veterans Memorial Drive
Select11/22/201322000 Cimarron Parkway
Select11/22/20134000 N Sam Houston Parkway W
Select11/10/20132300 FM 1960
Select11/06/20139700 SPRING CYPRESS
Select11/05/201314000 Katy Hockley Rd
Select11/04/201312100 West Little York Rd
Select11/03/20139000 TALCOTT
Select11/01/20132800 East FM 1960
Select10/24/20136400 Barker Cypress Rd
Select10/16/201318400 FM 529
Select10/14/20131000 W Mount Houston Rd
Select10/13/201314500 Corpus Christi
Select10/12/201320600 Hufsmith Kohrville
Select10/12/20135900 Hermann Road
Select10/07/201316000 East Fwy
Select10/05/201319300 Imperial Valley Drive
Select10/05/20134100 W Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Road
Select10/05/20135900 Brittmoore Rd
Select10/04/201320000 E Hardy Road
Select10/04/201310900 N Sam Houston PW E
Select10/01/201319800 W Little York @ Plantation Crest Dr
Select09/29/20134700 F.M. 1942
Select09/29/201313400 Maudes Drive
Select09/28/20137100 Fairbanks North Houston Road
Select09/28/201339000 US 290
Select09/28/201314100 FM 529
Select09/27/201312300 Bammel N Houston
Select09/26/20139000 West Little York
Select09/20/20136800 N SH 6
Select09/17/20134600 Peek Dr
Select09/15/201315200 Woodforest Blvd
Select09/15/201310100 Airline Drive
Select09/15/2013200 West FM 1960
Select09/07/201315100 I-10 E
Select09/07/2013400 Rankin Road
Select09/05/201321700 Hwy 290
Select08/31/201319900 W Lake Houston Pkwy
Select08/25/20138400 Fairbanks North Houston Road
Select08/25/201315000 W. Little York
Select08/22/20132600 Spring Stuebner Road
Select08/15/20135800 SPRING CYPRESS
Select08/13/201314400 Bohemian Hall Road
Select08/13/2013US 290 @ Spring Cypress Rd
Select08/07/201316800 North Freeway
Select08/05/2013FM 1942 @ Bohemian Hall RD
Select08/05/201322800 Northcrest Drive
Select08/05/20131200 Old Greens Road
Select08/04/201323700 W Hardy Street
Select08/03/20135000 Louetta Rd
Select07/25/201317000 Cypress Rosehill
Select07/22/20139721 Cypresswood
Select07/15/201316700 Clay Rd
Select07/13/201311000 West Rd
Select07/11/201320000 I-45
Select07/10/201317500 I-45 S/B Frontage Road
Select07/06/201310900 Bammel North Houston Road
Select07/04/201311950 N Eldridge PW
Select07/03/201314300 State Highway 249
Select06/25/201323500 Katy Freeway Westbound Service Road
Select06/24/2013300 Holleyvale Dr
Select06/24/20132400 Frick Rd
Select06/23/201312200 Antoine Drive
Select06/23/2013400 Uvalde Rd.
Select06/17/201312900 Veterans Memorial
Select06/17/20132800 Grace Ln
Select06/16/20137500 North State Highway 6
Select06/14/201319800 Cypress Rosehill Road
Select06/14/201313100 S.H. 249
Select06/10/2013600 Magnolia Av
Select06/09/20137200 S SH 6
Select06/08/20133500 FM 1960 E
Select06/07/20137900 North State Highway 6
Select06/06/201312500 Veterans Memorial Drive
Select06/05/201313400 E SAM HOUSTON PKWY N S/B SVC RD
Select06/04/20137500 N SH 6
Select06/03/201326500 US 290
Select06/01/201330000 Huffman Cleveland Road
Select05/28/20134980 N. SH 6
Select05/27/201312300 Cypress N. Houston
Select05/27/201312300 Homestead Rd
Select05/20/201313700 Interstate 10 East
Select05/20/201317300 Roberts Rd
Select05/13/20139600 E Sam Houston Pkwy N
Select05/13/201310300 Hufsmith Kuykendahl Road
Select05/04/2013800 Adline Bender Road
Select05/01/201319800 Stuebner Airline Rd.
Select04/27/201388 Lone Pine Dr
Select04/23/201312300 Eastex Freeway
Select04/23/20139300 Wade
Select04/22/2013200 W Canino
Select04/20/20135900 FM 2920
Select04/17/201315600 Telge Road
Select04/16/201323000 Clay Road
Select04/13/201317200 Adlong School Road
Select04/10/201314000 East Freeway
Select04/07/2013505 Commons Vista Drive
Select04/07/20137500 Spur 330
Select04/06/20134600 FM 1960 East
Select04/04/201314000 Alderson
Select04/04/2013800 Gulf Bank Road
Select03/30/201321800 I-10
Select03/23/201312400 SH 249
Select03/23/2013Keith Harrow Boulevard/Queenston Boulevard
Select03/19/201314800 US Hwy 90
Select03/17/20132000 Krenek Road
Select03/16/20139400 Grant Road
Select03/12/201313000 Barker Cypress Road
Select03/03/201339300 US 290
Select02/18/20131300 Aldine Mail Rd.
Select02/14/2013W FM 1960 @ Woodedge Dr
Select02/14/20134300 N Sam Houston Parkway W
Select02/13/201320500 North Frwy (I-45)
Select02/10/20136800 Fairbanks North Houston RD
Select02/09/201311800 Mesa Drive
Select02/06/20136800 High Stone
Select02/02/20135100 N. State Highway 6
Select02/02/201315900 East Freeway
Select02/02/20136900 E FM 1960
Select01/23/20135100 Breen
Select01/22/201312900 Beaumont Highway
Select01/22/20133900 SOUTH S.H. 6
Select01/20/201310400 Veterans Memorial Drive
Select01/14/201316200 East Freeway
Select01/03/201323400 Kingsland Pkwy
Select01/01/20132500 Farrell Rd.
Select02/02/201610254 Crooks Way LN
Select01/27/201620807 Imperial Landing Ln.
Select01/17/20165301 N Sam Houston PW E
Select01/15/20163200 Turkey Drive
Select01/13/201615107 Paso Real Dr
Select01/05/20165621 Aldine Bender
Select12/30/20155959 W. FM 1960
Select12/30/20153523 Shannon Ln
Select12/23/20153243 Atherton Canyon LN
Select12/11/201512007 Chelsea Elm Ct.
Select12/09/20152009 Marvell Drive
Select12/06/20158211 Airline Drive
Select11/04/201520315 silverwood Trailq
Select11/03/20159100 N Grand PW W
Select11/02/201518610 Oden Trace Drive
Select10/21/20151100 North Vista
Select10/16/20157850 Sugarland Howell Rd
Select10/10/20158440 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E
Select10/08/201511915 Crosby Lynchburg Rd.
Select09/20/20157514 Pavilion Drive
Select08/25/20158440 N Sam Houston PW E
Select08/14/2015600 Hollywood Blvd.
Select08/08/20155850 W Gulf Bank
Select08/04/201514501 Empanada DR
Select08/03/201517217 Hafer RD
Select07/26/20158103 Airline Dr.
Select07/20/201516038 2nd Street
Select07/12/201522700 Imperial Valley Dr
Select07/10/201515155 North Freeway
Select07/05/20152222 Mooney RD
Select06/20/20155619 Aldine Bender
Select06/17/201514900 Sellers Rd
Select06/16/20155301 N. Sam Houston Parkway E
Select06/08/20157531 Hollow Cove Ct.
Select06/05/201516510 North Freeway #226
Select06/01/201521717 Inverness Forest Bl #2005
Select05/22/201519918 Upland Creek Dr.
Select05/13/201523538 Hidden Maple Dr.
Select05/07/20159900 block of Oakland
Select05/03/2015210 Wells Fargo #1009
Select05/01/20157203 Oakwood Glen BL
Select05/01/20159500 John Ralston Rd.
Select04/26/201521101 Kingsland Blvd.
Select04/22/20152402 Bammelwood Dr
Select04/18/20156900 Fairbanks North Houston
Select04/14/20156622 Gorton DR
Select04/10/201511903 Eastex FW
Select04/08/20151550 Aldine Bender Rd
Select04/08/2015900 Spring Cypress Road
Select04/01/20158831 Orchard Ridge
Select03/29/20158727 Point Park Drive
Select03/19/20155621 Aldine Bender Rd.
Select03/18/2015407 FM 1960
Select03/07/20156700 Pacific Crest CT
Select03/01/20152300 West FM 1960
Select02/28/20156223 E. Sam Houston Parkway
Select02/26/20155619 Aldine Bender
Select01/27/20159017 Antoine Drive #C
Select01/13/201518256 Dinner Creek Drive
Select01/08/20152329 W FM 1960
Select01/04/20159955 Bammel N. Houston
Select01/01/20152530 Bammelwood Drive
Select12/30/20149554 Veterans Memorial Dr.
Select12/28/20145206 Gage Spring Ct.
Select12/12/201415735 North Freeway
Select11/29/201415934 East Freeway
Select11/15/201412651 Atwood Grove Ln
Select11/12/20142602 Whitinham Drive
Select10/30/201414702 Via Del Norte
Select10/22/201416802 Sedona Springs Ln
Select10/03/20149118 Airline Drive
Select09/20/201415330 La Mancha Drive
Select09/12/2014700 block of Frankie
Select09/08/20147400 BLK of Welsh Stone LN
Select09/02/201414235 Alderson
Select08/27/20141502 Fellows
Select08/24/2014324 FM 1960
Select08/23/201416247 FM 529 #B
Select08/19/201411400 block of Valarno
Select08/14/201414619 Ella Blvd.
Select07/28/2014300 Audrey Ln
Select07/26/20143730 Farlan LN
Select07/12/2014333 Airtex
Select07/10/2014711 Leaflet Ln
Select07/07/20143111 Fallbrook
Select07/04/20144200 Amber Lake DR
Select07/03/20148960 Barker Cypress Rd
Select07/02/201419321 Park Row
Select06/26/201416600 Nanes Dr.
Select06/17/2014389 Uvalde
Select06/14/201415500 Aldine Westfield
Select06/09/201410200 Windfern
Select06/07/201423014 Banquo Road
Select06/02/201414500 Windfern Forest
Select05/29/20142431 W. FM 1960
Select05/22/201415700 Bammel Village
Select05/14/201416026 Waverly
Select05/03/201416345 Ella Blvd.
Select05/01/201420714 Fox Cliff Lane
Select05/01/20142300 block of Harris
Select04/25/2014300 block of Parramatta
Select04/24/201415303 Ella Blvd.
Select04/18/20146078 Fry Rd.
Select04/18/201416510 North Freeway
Select04/03/2014331 Paramatta
Select03/22/201419711 Youpon Leaf Way
Select03/11/2014333 Airtex Dr.
Select03/08/2014207 Southbrook
Select03/07/201419400 block of Montclair
Select02/05/201415425 N. Brentwood
Select01/31/201413731 Bohemian Hall Rd.
Select01/30/201414015 Fosters Creek Drive
Select01/25/201419959 Holzwarth Road
Select01/11/20145200 block of Mohawk
Select01/05/20141800 Moorebrook
Select12/30/201313167 Peppergate
Select12/26/2013331 Parramatta
Select12/26/20137600 block of Harrison
Select12/23/20137300 Alabonson
Select12/21/201310700 block Glenora Dr
Select12/18/20137821 South State Hwy 6
Select12/14/20131000 Cypresswood Dr.
Select12/13/2013800 Clear Lake Rd
Select11/22/201312000 Veterans Memorial
Select11/20/20138200 Sunbury
Select11/20/20138407 E. Windhaven Terreace Trl.
Select11/20/201312405 Telge
Select11/18/20131300 N. Main Street, Highlands, Texas
Select11/18/20135609 Aldine Bender
Select11/09/20137318 Enchanted Creek Dr.
Select11/06/20135420 E Sam Houston
Select11/03/201311214 Fleur Drive
Select10/24/20139206 Kirkleigh Ln
Select10/20/20132322 Rambling Brook
Select10/20/2013425 Hill Road
Select10/12/20138110 Fairbanks N. Houston Road
Select10/09/2013505 Cypress Station
Select10/03/201314200 Torrey Forest Dr.
Select10/03/201317100 Rolling Creek Dr
Select09/29/20132000 block of Fry Road
Select09/26/201314430 Cypress Meadows Dr.
Select09/20/20137300 Beaumont Place
Select09/19/20139702 Veterans Memorial Drive
Select09/14/201311602 State Hwy 249
Select09/05/201323100 block of Ludgate Dr
Select09/04/201319482 North Freeway
Select09/01/2013200 W Saint Charles, Crosby Texas
Select08/27/2013300 Audrey Lane
Select08/24/20134714 Mohave Cr.
Select08/22/201316418 Market Street, Channelview, Texas
Select07/27/2013318 Greenbow Lane
Select07/26/201318500 North Freeway
Select07/06/201313100 Cutler Ridge
Select07/02/20135655 Addicks Satsuma Rd
Select06/30/201317630 Wayforest
Select06/28/201310902 Beacave Bend Ct.
Select06/26/20135707 Fair Forest Drive
Select06/24/201321110 Plaza Circle
Select06/16/2013252 1/2 McFarland
Select06/13/201311900 Aqueduct Rd.
Select06/13/201310823 Moonlit Meadows Ct.
Select06/11/20134411 Long Climb Canyon
Select06/08/20138712 Airline
Select06/05/20137302 Alabonson
Select05/24/201323734 Greenland Oak Ct.
Select05/23/201311012 Crenchrus Ct.
Select05/21/201314901 SH 249
Select05/18/201311201 Veterans Memorial
Select05/18/201311347 Veterans Memorial
Select05/16/20137505 Fallbrook
Select05/13/2013Ella @ Barren Spring
Select05/09/20133530 Green Crest Drive
Select05/06/20137850 Champion Pines
Select05/04/20131106 West Road
Select05/03/2013127 Shayan Court
Select04/21/201311300 Grayling Lane
Select04/18/2013242 Castle Way Lane
Select04/13/201314090 Bellaire Blvd.
Select04/09/2013115 S. 4th Street
Select04/07/20137319 Seton Lake Drive
Select04/06/201314131 Cornerstone Village
Select04/02/201313915 Chuckwood
Select03/30/20132230 Chamberlain
Select03/29/20135600 Aldine Bender
Select03/24/201321400 FM 529
Select03/19/201312227 Aronia Drive
Select03/18/20137226 Brookville Lane
Select03/15/2013803 Steele Road
Select03/07/201313700 Force
Select02/28/2013333 Airtex
Select02/26/20138519 Karen
Select02/24/201311900 Bertrand
Select02/19/201313226 Benford Drive
Select02/18/201311501 West Road
Select02/12/201312200 Cutten Road
Select02/08/20138244 Antoine Drive
Select01/15/20135015 Sandydale
Select01/14/20136800 Brushmeade Lane
Select01/08/2013700 Frankie Street
Select01/02/20136400 block of York Meadows (408-S)