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If you have an emergency, please call 911

Missing Persons

The Missing Persons/Runaways Section investigates cases involving missing persons, runaways and child custody. The majority of cases involving missing children ages 12 and under are investigated by the Homicide Unit.

The HCSO’s Been Missing page is established to allow the public to help investigators by viewing photos and personal information regarding persons missing from Harris County and to report sightings directly to the HCSO. The website contains information on the most recent reportings, news information, missing juveniles, children and adults, runaways and the unidentified.
To view photos of the most recent reportings or to provide a tip, click here.

How Do I Report a Missing Person or Runaway?

To report a missing person or runaway, call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000. For children under 13 years of age, persons with special needs or other emergencies, dial 911. To assist with locating the missing person or runaway, please provide the investigator a recent photograph of the individual.

There is NO 24-hour waiting period required to report a person missing.

Crime Victims Assistance Unit

The Texas Legislature, recognizing the need for identification of victims of crime and citizens who suffer personal injury or death in the prevention of crime of the apprehension of criminals, established the CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION ACT to ease the financial and emotional burdens suffered by innocent victims.The Crime Victims Assistance Unit provides services such as Criminal Justice Support, assistance in applying for Crime Victim's compensation, legal aid and financial assistance. You can contact the Crime Victims Unit at (713) 274-9369.  Other assistance can be found using the following links:

Traffic Crash

For serious injuries dial 911

  • Check your vehicle occupants for injury.
  • If possible move your vehicle from the roadway to a safe location. Even if you have a flat tire or some other issue that would normally make the vehicle disabled try to move it from the roadway. The roadway is not a safe place to be! If you can steer it and it runs, clear it from the roadway!
  • Check the other vehicle(s) occupants for injuries.
  • Contact Emergency Medical Services if there are any injuries.
  • If the vehicles involved are operable and no wreckers are needed exchange personal information, including name, phone number, address and driver’s license number.
  • Exchange insurance information. Be sure to verify expiration date and get the telephone number(s) for the insurance company.

Contact the HCSO at 713-221-6000 if:

  • You cannot remove the vehicle(s) from the roadway.
  • Any party is injured; dial 911 for serious injuries.
  • Any driver does not have a driver’s license.
  • Any driver does not have proof of insurance.
  • Any disturbance ensues.

The driver of a motor vehicle involved in a crash not investigated by a law enforcement officer and resulting in injury of any person, or damage to the property of any one person, including himself, to any apparent extent of at least one thousand dollars ($1,000) may complete a CR-2 form and maintain a copy for their records. The citizen no longer mails the form to Texas Department of Transportation.

Please use IE (Internet Explorer) to open Drivers Crash Report Form
you can download the Form locally then open it with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

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