HCSO Secure Watch

A Public-Private Partnership To Protect You!

  • The HCSO SecureWatch Program powered by Coreveillance is one of many Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) initiatives enlisting the help of community members and businesses in the fight against crime.
  • The HCSO SecureWatch Program allows the HCSO the ability to access and view real-time surveillance system information from participating businesses should they experience a need for law enforcement services.
  • By registering and participating in the HCSO SecureWatch Program, first responders will have access to valuable information to increase situational awareness prior to their arrival, potentially aiding in the apprehension of suspects.

Program Benefits

  • Participation in the HCSO SecureWatch Program is FREE of charge
  • Participating businesses will receive Deterrent Placards at no cost
  • Increased Crime Prevention assistance at your location
  • Provide Real-Time Intelligence to responding deputies
  • Increased Opportunity To Apprehend Suspects and persons of interest
  • Increase the release of Timely Investigative/Suspect Information
  • Increased Customer and Employee Comfort
  • Allows HCSO to have Eyes on Your Business when an Alarm or Panic button is triggered.

Important Facts

  • HCSO SecureWatch Program Membership registration is open to businesses within the jurisdiction of the HCSO.
  • Your information is kept safe and secure; never made public.
  • Local Law Enforcement will only view your cameras if there is a law enforcement need.

Minimum Surveillance System Requirements

  • Must have internet connectivity with minimum of 10Mbps download and 2Mbps upload speed.
  • Minimum Camera Resolution Analog D1 (704x480).
  • Video surveillance system must be able to view Live and Playback.
  • System capable of handling multiple logons simultaneously.

Recommended Surveillance System

  • HD 720p\1080p or an IP-Based surveillance system.
  • Minimum of 30/days video storage.
  • Capable of streaming audio.
  • Camera placement: Entry/Exit door and exterior (parking lot) camera views.

How to get Started

The process

Once you have registered or have contacted Coreveillance, a representative will visit your location to evaluate and onboard your system.